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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


No, I didn't see any newtons at MacWorld this year. I didn't look real hard either and suspect there were still a few lurking. Mine stayed home once again. My trusty iBook is long in the tooth but does the job that I have for it and does travel well.

iPhone goodies where everywhere and the amount and diversity of apps provided for it now is impressive. If I owned one of those little toys instead of the blackberry I have to lug around, I'd know a lot more about that. I still think I'd replace my trusty ipod video with a Touch if I had to. It could happen one of these days...

I may not have seen any newtons but they got some billing at the ModBook demo put on by none other that Woz and the chief exec for the company rolling out upgraded tablet computers. They brought back found memories of the development and implementation of the newton and said it had a role in the improved handwriting detection ability of their new units. I got to test the ModBook and would have to say that it much more powerful although perhaps not as elegant as my newton was.

I checked in via iChat with mighty newton developer Adam Tow who was at part of MW but hadn't had a chance to check out the new ModBook, wondering if it's scripting ability was adequate.

Oh well. That's all for now.

out for now/
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Sunday, February 17, 2008


XO Meets Newton, Emate & Z88

I'm having fun with a borrowed XO and enjoying the design, capabilities and figuring out the limitations of this new little device. It has plenty of all from what I've seen so far. Today I couldn't help but bring out some earlier small devices that had many similar features.

They looked great together and played nice too. More later as time allows.
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mystery Newtons Seen at MacWorld 2008!

Here I am at another MacWorld and like last year, I left my newton behind. I was very pleased to see one in the hands of a fellow exhibit viewer who beamed (!) when I asked him about it. He noted that he was down to running it on regular batteries these days. It was good to see one in action. That was yesterday when I thought all the new apple news was happening.

I wasn't expecting anything new apple-wise but but I got quite a treat when a famous mac celebrity let out what must still be top secret in the bowels of apple. See for yourself. I tend to believe anything said by someone wearing a large leather hat.

Stop the presses or better yet crank up the blogs. This is too good to pass on and I want one now!

OK, I managed to see newton signs each of the three days I was at MW this year. That's impressive! My last sighting probably could have been predicted as it was in front of another old friend in a new form. A new version of Hypercard?

Well, that's my report on the Newton Scene at MW 2008.


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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

MacWorld 2007 Around the Corner!

It won't be long now. I wonder what surprises and temptations will pop up while I'm there?
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Friday, November 24, 2006

I pulled out one of my trusty old 2100 units yesterday for the first time in a very long while. It sits patiently by my bed and when fired up, it reminded me immediately that my birthday was right around the corner. I was so rusty I had to poke about reminding myself what I had installed on it. The wireless card no longer works with the fast airport network I run at home. I always enjoy but never really use any of my newtons anymore. I dropped out of NewtonTalk last summer due to lack of time and too many competing interests. I hope the group still thrives though.

I suspect it I slowed things down so that I got by with the simple but complete capabilities of my little green friends, I'd be satisfied with the results and have lots more time for other things. Instead, the next MacWorld SF coming up in January will make the second straight time I leave it/them all behind and rely on my little ibook and treo.

Think Green!
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Sunday, March 20, 2005

My newton Makes a very friendly and effective alarm clock as several family members found out this week!

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Sun broke through with bright blue skys after a dense foggy start to the day. Everything Is soaked from recent rains but there Is a bit of spring in the air. Even though Mohave Max the tortise Stuck his head out last week, winter isn't over.

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