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Friday, November 21, 2003

Rock on Jackson!

Jackson Browne has never been a Pretender or Running on Empty. His deep, meaningful music tells us things we need to know even if we don't want to. Check out Lives in the Balance for example. He latest, the Naked Ride Home, is as strong as ever. I'm sometimes amazed when I mention him as a favorite and get puzzled looks from those who don't know him. Now, I think a few more will. As for me, well I saw him earlier this year and can't wait to see Jackson again!

"Jackson Browne was among a group of quintessential Seventies singer-songwriters that included James Taylor and Joni Mitchell. He began his career in the late Sixties writing and recording with various groups and as a solo act and co-writing the Eagles' first hit, 'Take it Easy.' But it wasn't until 1976's The Pretender that Browne broke through on his own. That album was followed by his blockbuster, 1977's Running on Empty, which featured the hit title track as well as 'Stay/The Load-Out,' a ballad that spawned a legion of copycat 'hard life on tour' songs. " Jackson Browne Makes Rock Hall:
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