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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mystery Newtons Seen at MacWorld 2008!

Here I am at another MacWorld and like last year, I left my newton behind. I was very pleased to see one in the hands of a fellow exhibit viewer who beamed (!) when I asked him about it. He noted that he was down to running it on regular batteries these days. It was good to see one in action. That was yesterday when I thought all the new apple news was happening.

I wasn't expecting anything new apple-wise but but I got quite a treat when a famous mac celebrity let out what must still be top secret in the bowels of apple. See for yourself. I tend to believe anything said by someone wearing a large leather hat.

Stop the presses or better yet crank up the blogs. This is too good to pass on and I want one now!

OK, I managed to see newton signs each of the three days I was at MW this year. That's impressive! My last sighting probably could have been predicted as it was in front of another old friend in a new form. A new version of Hypercard?

Well, that's my report on the Newton Scene at MW 2008.


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